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  • Downtown Clearwater Gains Momentum

    Clearwater’s Mayor, Winter the Dolphin, and a Congressman walked into the Capitol Theatre one night… But instead of a punchline, what resulted was the 7th Annual Clearwater Downtown Partnership’s Momentum Awards. Read on
  • Tech Olympics a Huge Success!

    The Clearwater Tech Alliance touted the Tech Olympics as an Opportunity to Show Off ‘Unique Geek’ Skills and they delivered. And they also raised the profile of the Clearwater Tech Industries 830+ employees. Read on
  • Ten terrific things about the rehabbed Capitol Theatre

    For a joint that courts rock royalty, the Capitol Theatre, for the longest time, was about as posh as a smoke-and-poker VFW hall. God forbid you needed to use the restroom immediately. (Hold it, dude — like, forever.) And as for those seats, which seemingly hadn't been refurbed since it opened in 1921? Yikes. They'd goose you good, and not in a fun way. A couple winters back, however, Zev Buffman, president and CEO of Ruth Eckerd Hall and the Capitol Theatre, decided his smaller venue, not to mention his adopted city, needed a jolt, some juice, so why not roll up sleeves on the downtown corner of Cleveland and Osceola? Read on
  • Aquarium Wins in Clearwater

    Voters gave the Clearwater Marine Aquarium a clear green light Tuesday to start raising more than $160 million for a new aquarium on the downtown waterfront, potentially luring legions of tourists and recasting the moribund section of Tampa Bay's third-largest city. Read on
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