Welcome to Clearwater Florida's NEW downtown - the Cleveland Street District!

About the District


A New Day in Downtown Clearwater

Downtown Clearwater, historically the Pinellas County seat and center of commercial and social activity on Florida’s West Coast, is poised to return to that role as it is transformed from ‘downtown’ to ‘The Cleveland Street District.’ With its $10-million streetscape completed, the renewed strand east of the Clearwater Harbor bluff is the perfect setting for the unique mix of shopping and dining enterprises that are restoring and preserving the downtown’s distinctive character. An elegant logo offers a fresh new look, a public art program and world class live entertainment at the historic Capitol Theatre offer pleasures for the eyes and ears and lushly landscaped medians and sidewalks provide cool places in an urban setting. In addition, major upscale residential and retail complexes have opened their doors. The recently completed Clearwater Harbor Marina will create a vital link between the District’s new enterprises and the city’s spectacular waterfront. It’s all coming together in a gem that is once again beginning to sparkle.

The Cleveland Street District is the area bounded by Myrtle and Osceola avenues, and Drew and Pierce streets in downtown Clearwater. 

Community Redevelopment Agency

The Clearwater Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is a dependent taxing district established by City government to carry out redevelopment activities—including reducing or eliminating blight, revitalizing older housing for all income levels, improving the tax base, creating and retaining employment opportunities, and encouraging public and private investments in the CRA.

The CRA’s current size is 488 acres. The boundaries include Court-Chestnut Streets to the South, Drew-Jones Streets to the North, Clearwater Harbor to the West, and Highland Avenue to the East.

CRA’s Mission and Goals

  • Improve the City’s economy by leveraging public-private partnerships and creating residential and commercial stability
  • Revitalize, rehabilitate, and stabilize commercial buildings, lots, and residential neighborhoods to accommodate new commercial, office, and residential projects, and expand existing businesses
  • Serve the daily needs of area residents, provide appropriate parking, accommodate modern retail and personal services, alleviate deteriorating and non-complying signs, infrastructure, and buildings, develop a financial assistance program, demolish unsafe structures, increase residential units, ensure safety, and provide recreational opportunities

About the CRA

The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) refers to a public entity created by a city or county to implement the community redevelopment activities outlined under the Florida Community Redevelopment Act of 1969 codified as Chapter 163, Part III, Florida Statutes and provides a vehicle whereby local communities may form a CRA, and further create a redevelopment trust fund for financing improvements within a predetermined redevelopment target area. The CRA was established by the local government, and functions within that local government. In Clearwater, the City Council members serve as the CRA board members.

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